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Monday, May 3, 2010

Final Blog Post

Reflection of Lesson:
My lesson went pretty good for lack of having things we needed. There was supposed to be a coloring rabbit page, a painting activity, and a quiz after the podcast and the story were read but my partner forgot to bring them. I prepared by copying some papers, getting paint cups, cutting out bunny ears, created a behavior chart, set up the construction paper on the floor and bought the stuffed animal rabbit. The objectives of my lesson were: students will be able to answer five comprehension questions about White Rabbit's Color Book, students will be able to create secondary colors from primary colors. The White Rabbit's Color Book Quiz was supposed to be handed out at the end of the lesson, and the Primary and Secondary Colors Worksheet was the painting activity. Students would mix the paints to create secondary colors, just like the rabbit did in the book. My lesson plan went a lot different then planned because my partner forgot to bring the paint, worksheet, and quiz. We had to improvise with what we had, so we read the quiz questions aloud for the students to answer. I learned that students are not going to sit there and listen to you and be perfect students, as new teacher you must address behavior problems so students know not be out of control. If I could make sure we had all the copies for the lesson I would've made sure my partner was prepared beforehand.

Reflection of Podcast:
My partner and I planned our podcast to be paused during the lesson while students make the bunny hop over the appropriate color construction paper taped to the ground. We used it once in our lesson, but the students said they couldn't hear it so we read the book aloud. Next time I plan to use a podcast in a lesson I will make sure the speakers are loud enough for the students to listen to it without complaining.

Reflection of other lessons:
None of my classmates had lessons that I didn't like or that I thought were bad. The behavior cards definitely changed things up a bit. I seemed to always get bad behavior cards, like throwing all the activities off the desk, meowing, keeping my head down, whining and just not being a good student in general. The one thing that everyone got into was the young minded character, asking questions that us as college students obviously already know. I liked the way Melody clapped to get our attention and keep us quiet. Kathy and Katie had a good idea with their behavior chart. For the student to physically have to turn their stick from green to yellow or yellow to red is embarrassing for younger children and it seems effective. I also enjoyed that they brought a turtle into class, if we were younger students we would've been so excited to learn that day. I also liked how Olivia and Melanie got everyone up to get "their wiggles out" and moved students around because children need to be active sometimes in the classroom. Overall everyone did a good job dealing with the behavior cards and teaching a lesson.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

End of Day 3

In class today, Veronica and I came up with a good 5 questions relating to our story that we will be using in our lesson plan. For the rest of the class, we discussed the activities, assessments and procedures we will be using in our lesson plan when we teach the class together. We counted how many people are in the class and how many handouts we will need on the day we need to teach. We have a variety of activities for the class centered around White Rabbit's Color Book and the topic of Colors. It should be a fun and interesting lesson.

5 Questions on story

1. What are the three main colors in the story?
2. What are the colors created from the three ?
3. What feelings did the bunny think he would get from the three main colors?
4. Do you think a brown bear could create the same colors as the white bunny?
5. What do you think would happen after the bunny was just right?

Day 3

Today, we are supposed to finish our podcasting and start writing five questions. We finished our podcasting last class so the story is now online, listen to it if you'd like. Today we handed in our lesson plans I think I did good on it. I have to start typing the effective questioning for our story. I hope it snows on thursday. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

End of Podcasting day 2

We did alright for the first time in podcasting. The first time Veronica and I read the story my voice was too loud, but we read the words clearly and with expression. The second time recording I tried to lower my voice and still keep the same expressions, and I think it worked pretty well. We might want to re-record one final time to try to get it perfect next time we have class. The podomatic site is pretty easy to use once you become familiar with it.

Podcasting Day 2

Thinking back to the last class, I remember the majority of what I learned. Going into the website, recording sounds, saving it and using it for my podcast are all things I'm pretty sure I remember how to do. If I don't remember how to do it, hopefully my partner will. We have to read the story for the podcast in a clear voice, and I'm kind of sick, but hopefully everything will work out. Today it is really hot in the computer lab. I am ready for the weekend, but I have a lot of papers and work to do. See you later.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Podcast site

I am beginning to understand how podcasting works. I don't like the way my voice sounds when it's recorded but there's not much I can do about that. The podomatic site isn't that complicated, so hopefully I will become familar with it and succeed at doing the podcasting of our story correctly. It's so cool the technology that I can record something, put it on a website, and then put it out for the world to hear. I could see how this can help children that want to hear a book rather than read it.